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Torrance Medical Marijuana Edibles

Cre-Edibles specializes in transforming quality medical marijuana into a wide variety of consumable products. If you are in Torrance and looking for medical marijuana or edibles then your best bet is to check out our selection of products.

Cre-Edibles is dedicated to providing support to the community, and to advocating through public awareness programs to increase knowledge of the benefits of medical marijuana. Aryn Sieber, founder of Cre-Edibles, recognized that there was a need for clinical quality supplies and edibles, but that there was also a need for organized public awareness campaigns, as well as more opportunities for support, networking and fundraising for different conditions people suffer from that use the drug.

No matter what condition you or a loved one has, if you have been prescribed medical marijuana you don’t just have to smoke it. While cannabis does come from a plant whose leaves are traditionally dried and smoked, there are other processes that can be done to create oils and other compounds that can expand your options for ingesting your dose.

While marijuana starts as a plant, it is the chemical compounds (cannabinoids) within that give it the medicinal properties that have the medical world buzzing. Indica is the THC high ratio strain that produces a calming effect that can help to relieve seizures, anxiety, spasms, pain, sleep issues and headaches. Stavia is used when you need more energy, whether the energy has been lost through illness or from a side effect of another medication. Stavia is also commonly used to treat depression and related mental disorders.

Creative Cannabis Edibles (Cre-Edibles) is focused on making the best tasting edibles on the Torrance market. We can add our Award Winning Syrup OG cannabis to any of our products to give you the taste you need. We choose only our finest ingredients to ensure that you’re always getting the highest quality and packaging for your product.

Here are some of our most popular edibles:

Golden Harvest Oatmeal
Golden Harvest Oatmeal calls to mind the fresh air and great outdoors that made granola such a desired part of our diet. Light and slightly sweet, this taste treat won’t weigh you down.

Toffee Raisin
One of our most popular favorites this is a sweet treat that can also deliver all the benefits of your medical marijuana dose easily. It features our own red and gold raisins backed into a soft bar topped with caramelized toffee chips and nuts.

Cinnamon Apple
Another light and sweet favorite is the Cinnamon Apple bar. The cinnamon gives it just enough bite to make it a delightful break from your day.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Blended together in a perfect soft , crunchy bar you also get an extra protein boost while you add in your daily dose of relief. This is an ideal bar to use with Satva for its energy increasing properties.

We also offer:

Brownies: (with gluten)
Banana Blondie: Sweet, light and rich – there is no mistaking this as a special treat. Our Blondie brownies are very popular with our membership and you will always be back for more.

Mello De Aryn: So good we named it after our founder, but also because it’s his favorite mallo treat.

Make sure you check back soon to see our expanded list of offerings. Our gluten free bonsai bar which features rich vegan chocolate has proven so popular we are expanding our menu offerings of gluten free and vegan marijuana edibles.

Torrance Medical Marijuana

At Cre-Edibles, we make medicinal marijuana taste good. If you are looking for the best options in Torrance for cannabis edibles, Cre-Edibles is your one stop center for education, support, and amazing products.

Founder, Aryn Sieber, set out to create a nonprofit organization that was capable of providing quality medical marijuana and medical marijuana edibles, while also taking a strong role in public education and advocacy for medical marijuana. One of our products, the Mello de Aryn bar, is even named after him. It has been his dream to see the quality of life for those with chronic, disabling or terminal conditions improve through the use of medical marijuana where appropriate.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a condition that medical marijuana is recommended for, then making sure you have as much support as possible is essential. The community at Cre-Edibles is a strong supporter of patients, family and friends who are dealing with cancer and other serious and/or chronic illnesses. We go beyond just providing support by helping you get the quality medical marijuana that you need to relieve your symptoms, and to help build a better world through providing awareness and education about medical marijuana.

As part of our nonprofit mission, we run a range of programs designed to provide support to those with illnesses, and to raise public awareness about the benefits of medical marijuana. We don’t just teach the public about the benefits, we also teach those with prescriptions on how to purchase and use medical marijuana correctly. Cre-Edibles also provides fundraising opportunities for other agencies, and can be found as a partner and member of Walk with Sally and other local charity events. We also provide educational programs at local senior centers and wellness communities as welll. At Cre-edibles, we’re at the forefront of helping to educate the public about the many benefits of such medical marijuana treatments. No one should have to suffer while they are in treatment. Medical marijuana has its place in modern medicine as much as any other pain reliever.

Cre-Edibles provides premium cannabis products as well as a myriad of fund raising opportunities and educational programs for all members and everyone who is seeking membership. Our innovative processing techniques allow us to extract oils with a high consistency of THC/CBD ratio. The amount of CBD in our oils will vary depending upon the type of cannabis that we use.

The two types of medical marijuana that we use our Indica and Satvia.
Indica: Indica is used for conditions such as anxiety, spasms, seizures, pain, sleep issues and headaches.

Sativa: Sativa is used for conditions such as depression and other mental/emotional states. IT tends to have an energizing effect, and may also be prescribed to combat sedating side effects of other medications.

The two compounds that are responsible for the therapeutic effects of cannabis are THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for creating that psychoactive effect that so many rely upon during medical treatments to promote relaxation and pain relief. The other compound is Cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabinoids are a naturally occurring chemical compound produced by the marijuana plant. This has an anti-emetic effect that can also be energizing.

At Cre-Edibles, our medical marijuana edible offerings include the many delicious treats, all made with the finest ingredients. The popular flavors include: Golden Harvest Oatmeal, Toffee Raisin Bars, Cinnamon Apple bars, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Banana. Our products come in three dietary varieties – regular, gluten free and began. The Bonsai Bar is one of the more popular brownie bars in the vegan and gluten free range. It features a moist and rich double chocolate base to make sure your edible is as good tasting as it is effective at relieving your symptoms.

We are always developing new taste sensations and medical marijuana edible products. Make sure you become a member of the Cre-Edibles community to keep up with our latest news and new treats.

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