Hollywood Medical Marijuana Edibles

There are many benefits of medical marijuana. Ingesting this marijuana via edibles is easy when you have so many delicious choices to select from. No longer are medical marijuana patients stuck with just the smokable form of the drug. CreEdibles has made it easier than ever to find good quality marijuana edibles without having to search all over and without having to create your own.

Marijuana, or cannabis, is a plant that produces chemical compounds that are called cannabinoids. These are what produce the beneficial effects of marijuana. There are two basic kinds of cannabis plants that are used in medicinal purposes.

The first of these is called Indica. This type of marijuana is excellent for treating anxiety, spasms, seizures, pain, sleep disorders and headaches.

The second of these is called Sativa. This type of marijuana provides more of an energized effect and can help treat depression and mental disorders.

Cannabidiol (CBD) or cannaboids, have non-psychoactive effects and therefore offer up plenty of medicinal benefits without making the person high.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical that is responsible for creating the psychoactive effects of the marijuana.

At CreEdibles (Creative Cannabis Edibles), we offer up the freshest and the best tasting products available on the market today in the Hollywood area. We infuse our Award Winning Syrup OG cannabis, if it’s requested, into the products as well. We choose only the finest and best ingredients to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality taste and packaging for your product. We always have the freshest quality available on the market.

Here are some of our fine options for you to choose from:

Golden Harvest Oatmeal

Made from the freshest ingredients available on the market today. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to enjoy this taste treat.

Toffee Raisin

This favorite is designed to stimulate your taste buds. Filled with our delicious golden and red raisins we then top them with caramelized toffee and chocolate crumbs to tempt your taste buds. If you like toffee and raisins, you’re sure to love this taste treat.

Cinnamon Apple

You’ve heard the old saying, “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This delicious combination will do exactly that for you. Here cinnamon and apples merge to create one fantastic taste sensation that’s sure to keep your doctor wondering where you’ve been lately.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

This is where peanut butter and chocolate chips collide into a delicious taste sensation. Delicious is only the beginning.

We also offer the following taste treats:

Brownies: (non Gluten Friendly)

Banana Blondie: A golden bar that is filled with naturally tempting taste sensations that will drive your taste buds bananas.

Mello De Aryn: This specialty marsh mello is a lemon zest bar that will have you drooling all day long. A favorite of founder Aryn Sieber if you like lemon zest and marshmallows you’re sure to love this taste treat.

Stay posted for our Gluten Friendly and our Vegan Brownies!!! Coming Soon!!!

Bonsai Bar: A moist double rich chocolate bar sure to tempt your taste buds. Ideal for the chocolate lover in your life.


We also offer medicinal oils that are extracted by using a myriad of slow heat processing. When the oil cools it can then be used directly on the skin or it can be infused in a topical lotion. It can be blended with butter or with coconut oils and used in cooking and baking as well. Ideal for making those delicious baked goods your loved one craves. Hollywood medical marijuana edibles has many options.

Cre Edibles is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational seminars regarding the medicinal uses of medical cannabis. They are also dedicated to providing premium cannabis products to those in need and to help raise funds and awareness for all members and potential members.

Hollywood Medical Marijuana

Cre-Edibles, your source for all Hollywood medical marijuana edibles. We only offer the highest quality products, and our award winning flavor infused cannabis oils can open up a whole new world of options for your medical needs. We are also a nonprofit that serves as a vital support resource for the community, and acts to provide education and fund raising opportunities.

We use several processes to create our oils to make sure that the potency and therapeutic effect you can expect from our products is consistent. The amount of CBD in our oils will depend upon the type of cannabis that is used. We grow our own plants to ensure the highest quality product.

Many people aren’t aware that the therapeutic effect of medical marijuana isn’t the same between all the different types of plants. Some are better for relaxing, while others can help alleviate side effects of drowsiness and boost mood too.

Our edibles and oils come in a wide range of flavors. We also carry gluten free, vegan and unflavored options too. By customer demand, our highest selling flavor and edibles include Golden Harvest Oatmeal, Toffee Raisin, Cinnamon Apple, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Banana. Whether you prefer them in one of our bars, brownies or other edibles you will find one you love. Don’t forget to check out the Mello de Aryn bars. These lemon zest bars are such a favorite of our founder Aryn Seiber, that we named them after him!

When undergoing treatment for cancer or other conditions, it’s important to have all of the best possible resources for dealing with your illness. These resources may include medicinal marijuana as well as family and friends. Having a solid support network will go far in helping you to maintain as normal as possible of a life.

There are two compounds in marijuana that create the therapeutic effects required. The ratio of each compound to the other is what will determine the primary use of the strain. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the component that is responsible for creating that psychoactive effect that is used to treat many conditions. The other compound is Cannabidiol (CBD). This compound provides anti-emetic and energy boosting elements. Both of these cannabinoids are a naturally occurring chemical compounds produced by the marijuana plant.

Cre-Edibles also offers a variety of programs to help increase public awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana. As a nonprofit organization we are on a mission to teach, raise awareness and advocate about the benefit of medical marijuana as a treatment option. Our founder, Aryn Seiber, is tireless in his pursuit of the best possible product for those who use medical marijuana, and he also is persistent in his pursuit of raising awareness about what medical marijuana can do for you.

At Cre-Edibles our mission is to help educate our local community members about Hollywood Medical Marijuana. We provide premium cannabis products as well as a myriad of fund raising opportunities, awareness programs, and support resources for members, their families and friends. You can find us in the community running awareness programs at senior and wellness centers, helping people host private parties, and taking part in charity campaigns like Walk with Sally.

Become a part of a community that is focused on improving the quality of life of those with terminal, serious or chronic illness. You can check out our latest medical marijuana edible offerings too! Stay tuned for future announcements about our expanding gluten free and vegan offerings, they promise to be what the whole town will be talking about.

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